About Us

Our company was founded in 2003. With our many years of experience in
organization our company provides sophisticated, and progressive logistics
solutions to our customers. We are specialized freight transport and logistics
solution service.

Maximum trust in our team's expertise and experience, moreover we can provide
to our customers tailor-made logistics solutions.

Our international relations, our wide service palettes, as well as our extensive
and reliable subcontractors guarantee adequate to meet the highest quality
standards at home and abroad.

Our carriers are energetic and highly qualified.

We can offer our customers competitive rates with all mode of transport.


International transport and

domestic transport

  • Express deliveries
  • Complete and partial deliveries
  • Extra-volume products deliveries
  • Refigerated cargo transport
  • Transportation of dangerous goods

Support services

  • Warehousing

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Irodánk elérhetőségei:

4031 Debrecen, Sesztina utca 2.

Útvonal tervezése

+36 (52) 753 161 info@hirsped.hu


Should you require any further information, please contact us.

Tamás Váczi
+36 (30) 320 0342
Beatrix Orha Kovácsné
freight forwarder
+36 (30) 303 3052
Andrea Czellár
freight forwarder
+36 (30) 682 5293
Szilvia Mályi
freight forwarder
+36 (30) 689 0119
Nikolett Nagy
06 (52) 753 161
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